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Bobby "Iceman" Drake
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B o b b y _ D r a k e
"I've got two choices here. Number one: Run away-- save self. Or... Number two: Prevent the mercenaries from being crushed-- possibly get crushed myself. I'll be expecting Thank You notes-- from everyone!"
-Bobby Drake; Uncanny X-Men #337.
Role Play Profile: Iceman

Name: Robert "Bobby" Drake

Codename: Iceman

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

Weight: 130lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Appearance: The youngest of the charter X-Men, Bobby's invulnerablity to ice grants him the ability to wear short sleeves and shorts in even the coldest Winter months. Touseled sandy hair compliments his strikingly crystalline blue eyes and childish features. He's generally the average teenager, his mutant abilities easily hidden.

Disposition: In the array of X-Men personalities Bobby stands out as the rambunctious youth, untamed by threats or punishments. Insecure about his handle over his mutants gifts he makes a point to hide that behind a facade of clowning. A Peter Pan of sorts he refuses to grow up and so has no conception of what is expected of him in certain circumstances such as relationships. Still he struggles along with an occasional prank or bad one-liner to add a little levity to an otherwise grim tale. Often enough he's getting under Scott's skin about one thing or another. It's his sworn duty.

Known Superhuman Powers: Iceman has the ability to lower his internal and external temperatures. He can use this ability to project cold, freezing moisture in the air around him into unusually hard ice. This ability also allows him to sculpt various melee weapons, ice slides, and even turn himself in solid ice. Drake is also immune to sub-zero temperatures around him.

History: A classical story of a normal kid figuring one day he's not quite normal and concealing that truth from ever the closest of family. According to one version of Bobby's history: The 'curse' he'd fallen back into only became a major problem when one night along with his girlfriend he was attacked by a hoarde of bullies. Encasing the leader in ice only proved a mistake, as a lynch mob broke out with Drake as the main spectacle--lucky enough he was only brought into custody for his own protection.

Once Professor Xavier had found out about the ordeal he sent Scott Summers (Cyclops), the only X-Man at the time, to break Bobby out and recruit him to the X-Men. Bobby refused the offer and put up a fight, but the mob came back and nearly took both teen's lives. Professor X stepped in and mind wiped the mob of all they'd seen, a grateful Bobby then joined the X-Men under the name "Iceman".
[Hi. Bobster isn't real, but if it makes you feel any better, you're free to believe it, man. This is just my little part of next_phase. Everything is Scott's fault, so sue him.]